Brought to you by Jim DuCanto (@jducanto) and Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) with other airway enthusiasts: Carmine Della Vella (@airwayGladiator), Bob Barrix (@RBarrix), Ricardo Urtubia (@UrtubiaRicardo), Thomas Dolven (@thomas1973), Jorge Cabrera (@laryngoholic), Tim Leeuwenburg (@KangarooBeach), and Hans van Schuppen (@HansvanSchuppen)

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Yen Chow, August 24 2015, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (The “airwayNaught”)

Thanks to @emcrit (Scott Weingart) and @ketaminh (Minh Le Cong) for their help in navigating the world of blogging.


Those involved in the solemn deliberate study and practice of navigating, sailing, exploring, and innovating airway management are known as “AirwayNatics“.

The field is known as “AirwayNautics“.

A particularly challenging but satisfactory airway management situation is known in the industry as a “truly AirwayNautical experience“.

All airway practitioners at any level from basic life support to advanced experts are known as “AirwayNauts“.

Yen is “AirwayNuts” as the “airwayNaught“.


Why the website?

We met each other and know each other via twitter and SMACC. We are all a bit crazy about airways. This website is meant to be a collection of everything and anything about airways that we like. We hope to grow it into a multimedia resource library where one can learn and explore about airways. Blog posts will be updated from time to time with new information and eventually will be linked in some organized fashion. Our vimeo site started as a collection of airway related videos and this website is meant to help organize that. These sites receive no money from industry.

Legal stuff …

(updated 2015-10-04 Yen Chow)

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