What is airwayNautics?

The eventual dream is for this to be a collection of blogs/ podcasts/ airway stories and a multimedia encyclopedia/reference/teaching tool on all things airway that we AirwayNauts can think of. It is an Airway resource repository.

Brought to you by Jim DuCanto (@jducanto), Thomas Dolven (@thomas1973), Jorge Cabrera (@laryngoholic) and Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy), the original AirwayNatics, a splinter chapter of the #AirwayMafia.

Follow @AirwayNauts (2015-08: disclaimer there is not much to follow here yet) and our vimeo site (we do have some stuff here).

Yen Chow, August 24 2015, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (The “airwayNaught”)


Those involved in the solemn deliberate study and practice of navigating, sailing, exploring, and innovating airway management are known as “AirwayNatics“.

The field is known as “AirwayNautics“.

A particularly challenging but satisfactory airway management situation is known in the industry as a “truly AirwayNautical experience“.

All airway practitioners at any level from basic life support to advanced experts are known as “AirwayNauts“.

Yen has sometimes been called “AirwayNuts” and was the “airwayNaught“, not to be confused with Naughty.

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