Intubation Taolu

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Forms or taolu (Chinese: 套路; pinyin: tàolù) in Chinese are series of predetermined movements combined so they can be practiced as a continuous set of movements.

… contained both literal, representative and exercise-oriented forms of applicable techniques that students could extract, test, and train …

… Forms gradually build up a practitioner’s flexibility, internal and external strength, speed and stamina, and they teach balance and coordination. ,,, forms that use [tools] of various lengths and types, using one or two hands.

… Forms are meant to be both practical, usable, and applicable as well as to promote fluid motion, meditation, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

… “train your form as if you were sparring and spar as if it were a form.”

PDF file: Intubation Taolu @TBayEDguy 2.0 2019-10-08

Airway Cases and Clinical/Cadaveric images and videos

Emergency advanced airway management with intubation, supraglottic airway or front of neck access is usually a high-stress time-sensitive high-acuity low-frequency situation in a critically ill patient that may rapidly deteriorate to arrest at any time. It is a difficult to practice and train however being able to train your brain and eye to recognize anatomy, landmarks and situations as well as think of possible solutions may be part of the answer. Collected here is a library of clinical and cadaveric cases to try to help me in this journey.

isolating right left lung bougie cma cadav lab 2017-11-10

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Front of Neck Access/Surgical Airway Kits

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Bloody cric trainer/sim

Collection of resources and ideas for surgical airway front of neck access trainer/simulation. Contact me to chat about it if you wish further details. Follow me on twitter @TBayEDguy and we will direct message to chat.


Checklists List

A collection of different checklist options and ideas