Intubation Taolu

From Wikipedia

Forms or taolu (Chinese: 套路; pinyin: tàolù) in Chinese are series of predetermined movements combined so they can be practiced as a continuous set of movements.

… contained both literal, representative and exercise-oriented forms of applicable techniques that students could extract, test, and train …

… Forms gradually build up a practitioner’s flexibility, internal and external strength, speed and stamina, and they teach balance and coordination. ,,, forms that use [tools] of various lengths and types, using one or two hands.

… Forms are meant to be both practical, usable, and applicable as well as to promote fluid motion, meditation, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

… “train your form as if you were sparring and spar as if it were a form.”

PDF file: Intubation Taolu @TBayEDguy 2.0 2019-10-08

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