Resuscitation Sequenced Intubation Toolkit

Resuscitation Sequenced Intubation – HT Rich Levitan

These are some resources that can be used during an intubation: checklist, quick reference drug doses and contraindications, order sets on labels and post-intubation checks and briefing/debriefing tools. In addition, a quick reference teaching tool is included describing set-up, response to desaturation, response to challenges for intubation are also included.

RSI should not be rushed and should only be rapid once the patient has been maximally resuscitated (although occasionally a peri-arrest immediate intubation is required as part of resuscitation) and the team, environment, medications, equipment is adequately prepared.

The actual word documents are here. Feel free to download and adapt to your purposes. Let me know any feedback, what you find useful or not. What you would add to it or take away. Please be mindful of course that you must check the drug dosages and calculations yourself and if operating under medical direction that they are in line with your protocols.

This page will be updated as further thought, reflection, practice and feedback is applied.

Resuscitation Sequence Intubation Drugs Order Set Labels – Yen (v. 2016-05-21)

Checklist Intubation and Post-intubation, Meds cheat sheet, Teaching tool 2016-06-16

Versions: Originally published 2016-02-06

2016-02-07 updated drugs and checklist and added attributions to teaching tools: Rich Levitan, Jason N. Cook, Nicholas Chrimes, Peter Fritz

2016-02-10 tweaked order set to include checks for IV running well thanks to Dave Wood MD of TBRHSC

2016-02-14 added gastric and in line suctioning to ABCSLOPESMAP and checklist; teaching tool tweaked

2016-04-14 a few tweaks and typo on phenylephrine mixing thanks to the eagle eyes of Bonnie Stock via Facebook. Alternative laryngoscope added to checklist. Magills, Mec asp added to my mnemonic of ABC SLOPES MAP.

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